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This module creates separate "Edit account" and "Edit profile" tabs for each user, with custom user fields configured under "Edit profile."

The goal of the module is to make fields attached to users (a new feature introduced in Drupal 7 core) a reasonable option for building simple, clean user profiles. Instead of having all properties of the user account editable via a single "Edit" tab (as Drupal does by default), where custom user profile fields are mixed in with account settings such as username, password, and time zone, sites using this module get a clean separation between these two different concepts, and a nicer experience for their end users.


This module requires Drupal 7.10 or higher. When used with earlier versions of Drupal 7 core, some user account fieldsets (such as "Locale settings") will erroneously appear on the "Edit profile" tab.


This is a small, simple module, and its goal is to do one thing and one thing well. As such, large features are unlikely to be added.

Related projects

This module is focused on providing a single "Edit profile" tab and giving users easy, one-click access to it. It's ideal for any site that has moderately-sized user profiles and wants a great user experience.

If you have more extensive user profile needs, you may want to consider other solutions. These modules are more complex and result in a different user experience, but also provide some extra features (for example, different profile categories editable on different pages):

  • Profile UX
  • Profile 2: Note that this module does not work with fields attached to users but rather creates a separate "profile" entity and attaches fields to it.


This module was contributed by Acquia as part of the Drupal Gardens project and is currently maintained by the Acquia design and engineering teams.

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