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EazyLaunch is a fast text-based launcher for instantly navigating the entire menu system of a Drupal site. On any page, hit Ctrl+Z and start typing to see suggestions, then press Enter to launch. Features include:

  • navigate your site without using your mouse
  • go directly to sub-pages without needing to drill down into menus
  • pop-up launcher - hit Ctrl+Z to open
  • fast autocomplete while typing
  • all menu items are available from the launcher including Administer, Primary Links, Secondary Links, and any other menus you create
  • additional admin shortcuts for clearing cache, running cron.php, and running update.php
  • Devel module integration - the devel module's switch user list is available from the launcher
  • Admin module integration - display EazyLaunch inside Admin module toolbar

Module Comparision
EazyLaunch is similar to the Teleport module, but aims for better performance. Teleport makes asynchronous requests to the server as you type to populate the suggestion dropdown. This allows Teleport to include nodes that aren't in the menu - but usually means the user waits many seconds before seeing any results. EazyLaunch displays results instantly as you type. It uses client-side caching for a significant boost in speed. EazyLaunch can also be a speedier and less intrusive alternative to other Drupal admin modules since it doesn't interfere with the page presentation and doesn't involve drilling down into menus with your mouse.

Development of this module sponsored by VML.

Project Information