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NOTE: You should not use this module. Use the Views Module instead. Due to the advancements in the Views module, the functionality of this module can be replicated using the Views Module (Read this Tutorial to find out how). Because of this, I will be phasing out this module.

EasyFilter is a very user friendly module for filtering a view of lists for a particular node type. It works by configuring a path for any node type in the Drupal system. Once this path has been configured, you can easily filter the node type by simply adding arguments to that path.

For example: Let's suppose that we create a node type of Software Tutorials. We also would want to configure some vocabulary terms to represent that node type. So then let's suppose that we create some vocabulary terms for both the Level (Advanced, Intermediate, Beginning, etc.) and also the Language (C, C++, Java, Assembly, etc), and then assign those vocabs to the node type Software Tutorial. Now, every time you create a new Software Tutorial, you will have the option to specify a Category of Level and Language.

The EasyFilter is set up to be able to specify a path to enable argument filtering on any node type. So in the EasyFilter configuration, we could then set up a path of tutorials for the node type Software Tutorial.

This is the fun part... Now when you go to the url, you can specify any argument after this, and it will automatically use that argument as a filter.

You can filter even futher by specifying the ..../user/username.... which will filter all of those node types from that user.
You can also specify the numeric ID for each of the arguements instead of the actual term and it will still work.

As an extra bonus, there is also a handy filter bar at the top of the page that makes it easy for users to filter the node types without having to type in the url bar.

For example:

Thanks and Enjoy the EasyFilter!

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