Easychart is a graphical user interface, built on top of the stunning Highcharts-javascript library: http://www.highcharts.com/products/highcharts

This module is a tool especially for content editors, to easily transform data in CSV format into Highcharts charts, using the Easychart-plugin.



  • Defines a new Content Type named 'Chart' that allows you to add charts to your website.
  • Creates a Chart widget that you can use in your own content types.
  • Integrates with the WYSIWYG module and provides an editor button that allows you to add charts to your WYSIWYG content (CKeditor and TinyMCE are supported).
  • Gives you an easy interface to configure your charts through the Easychart-plugin.

Highcharts is free for personal, school or non-profit projects under the Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial 3.0 License.
For commercial and governmental websites and projects, you need to buy a license. (But they're absolutely worth every penny.) see License and Pricing.

With Easychart we hope to make the beauty of Highcharts accessible to almost everyone.
The people at Highsoft are (y)our true heroes, credit where credit is due.


With Drush, you can download the module and its required dependencies like so:

drush en easychart -y
drush ec-dependencies -y

Make sure to clear the website's css-js cache after installing the javascript dependencies:

drush cc css-js

For non-drush installation instructions, refer to readme.txt.

Upgrade from v2 to v3

Version 2 is a complete rewrite of the code so you will have to take these steps when upgrading from v1 to v2:

  1. Download v3 of this module.
  2. If you used the WYSIWYG plugin, you will need to enable the Easychart WYSIWYG module
  3. Run drush easychart-dependencies to upgrade Highcharts and Easychart
  4. Or if you don't use drush, then download v3.x of the Easychart library: https://github.com/bestuurszaken/easychart and v4.x of the Highcharts library
  5. Clear your caches
  6. Run update.php

This project is sponsored by Bestuurszaken, Vlaamse Overheid: http://www.bestuurszaken.be

It was born (somewhere in 2013) out of the need to make it possible for website-editors to embed and configure Highcharts in our websites in a more intuitive way than writing javascript code in the backend. So it has evolved from a sneaky textarea to a simple yet customizable user-interface where one can create a "Highcharts Options Object" (and thus a Highchart-chart) by pasting csv-data and clicking around.

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