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Engaging Networks e-activist is an online advocacy tool for nonprofits that supports advocacy in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia and the EU. The Engaging Networks e-activist module for Drupal is a full-featured module that allows Drupal administrators the ability to:

  1. Automatically import e-activist actions from Engaging Networks
  2. Render the actions as Drupal webforms to end users
  3. Automatically send the end user submissions to Engaging Networks for fulfillment to the elected officials targeted in the e-activist action
  4. Raise money using fundraising campaigns since version 7.x-2.x.

Development for this module was led by Jackson River and sponsored by the International Fund for Animal Welfare and Engaging Networks.

Drupal 6


Once e-activist and all it's dependencies have been installed you will need to visit node/add/activist-campaign-feed to create an importer.
In the title field you can enter anything you like - this will be used for administrative purposes only. Then enter the following URL into the feed URL field; API key%

Where %your API key% is the public API key associated with your account. Contact the support team at if you don't know what this is.
When you save a batch import of all your campaigns will take place. This may take some time to complete, especially if you have a lot of campaigns.
The importer will run once per day and import new campaigns - assuming Cron is configured:

You should now be able to see all your imported campaigns in admin/content/node.

Note: After the first import only new campaigns will be imported. Already imported campaigns will not be updated. If you have made changes in e-activist to a campaign that has been imported you will need to delete the respective node in Drupal which will allow it to be re-imported with the latest changes.


The following modules are required in order to install Engaging Networks e-activist Integration on Drupal 6:


This original development for the Drupal 6 module was sponsored by the International Fund for Animal Welfare and Engaging Networks.

Drupal 7


Once the Drupal 7 version is installed you will need to enter your public API key into admin/structure/e_activist/settings. With this done you can then go to admin/structure/e_activist/campaigns to view a list of your campaigns. Here you can use the checkboxes to select which campaigns to import. After a campaign has been imported, it will continue to be updated and synced with the campaign on e-activist whenever cron is run.


The Drupal 7 module has no dependencies outside of core Drupal modules

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