This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Note: This module is current in an alpha stage and hasn't been tested enough for a production environment.

Dynamic views gives you the benefits of Views coupled with AHAH goodness. This module gives you the capability to dynamically update the content of your views using blocks, pagers, or filters — without a page reload. There are a few use-cases made possible by using this module:

1. Update the main content area dynamically by clicking on a node title in a teaser block.
2. Update the main content area, or a block's content by clicking on a page # of the pager.
3. Update your main content area by selecting an item from an exposed filter.

You can combine these use-cases to achieve other similar affects to your liking. The module also provides a second block for a block-enabled view that turns a pager on for that view-block allowing you to achieve the following use case with a 1 Full Node page view and a 2 or more pager enabled block view:

1. Update the Full Node by clicking on a node title in the block.
2. Update the blocks list by clicking on a page# from the pager.
3. Update the Full Node again from the new list in the block.

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