Enables site administrators to upload a range of images and select one as background on the site. This enables non HTML/CSS aware administrators to quickly change the background image on a site from within the administrator interface.

The selected image is applied to the site by entering a CSS selector in the administration interface (e.g. body #main-wrapper). It's also possible to attach CSS to the selector in the interface (e.g. background-size: cover).


This module comes with extensions that allows you to used the uploaded background images in different contexts. The extensions has a weight so the user extension overrides the image selection made in the node extension. If an extension do not have a image selected, then it falls back to the next extension with a lower weight.

Each extension have its own set of configuration options, but they all have the CSS fields, which have to be filled out.

  • User - This extension allows authorized users to select a background image to use when they are logged in. If a used have selected a image it will override all other background image selection. The image is selected on the "My background" tab on the user profile page (e.g. /user/1/backgrounds).
  • Blog - This extension allows users to select a background image for their blog pages and entries. The image is selected on the user profile on the "My blog background" tab on at the user profile page (e.g./user/1/blog/background).
  • Panels - The panels extension allow you to select a background image for a given panel variant. The image is selected under "General settings" in the variant of the panel that should use a given image.
  • Node - This extension allow each node to have its own background image. You can select which content types should have this ability in the administration interface. The image for a given node is selected in the individual node edit form, when creating or updating a node.
  • Views (beta) - This extension enables administrators to select dynamic background images in views, so each view can have its own image. This is achieved by exposing a new display in views called "Page (dynamic background)", which under page settings have an option to select the image.
  • Context - The context extension allows administrators to select uploaded images base on different contexts using the context module. Such contexts as path, role, node type or taxonomy and may more conditions.

1.7 release
This release has support for imagecache presets/image styles, so images can be manipulated before they are displayed. The solution is base on work from the issue queue by chaby

7.x-2.x version
This version gives the user the possibility to upload own images and use them as background. This has required a complete rewrite of the code and there is not a clean upgrade path at the moment.

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