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DTools (Diagnostic Tools) is a package of very useful diagnostics modules for Drupal 6.x. It contain following modules:


Got WSOD (White Screen of Death)? You don't know why? You are sick, because you've got lot of modules and you can't lost your time to disable them each by each to check what's wrong and at the end the reason is because of some cache? This module is for you. You will ask: But how I can enable it, if I've got still WSOD? Simply go to: /sites/all/modules/dtools/wsod/wsod_emergency.php (update your path to correct one). It's secure, if there is no wsod detected, this script will not print any technical info. You can use 'q' argument to test different paths. Read README.txt how to use it.

(Example usage: http://mysite/sites/all/modules/dtoosl/wsod_emergency.php?cmd=debug&q=us...)
Available variables:
    q - change the path (default: node)
    cmd - execute internal command
      Available commands:
        phpinfo - show PHP Info page
        debug - enable trace debugger
    dcmd - execute internal command after Drupal bootstrap
      module_list - list of loaded all Drupal modules

Drupal WSOD issues:


It will shows you how much time your Drupal application spend on specified hooks. Its perfect when you want to optimize your website or there is some problem with specified module and you don't know which one. Example charts: Known issues with Drupal stability: #222073: Update Status causing Drupal to run very slowly Read more about fixing WSOD manually and read about common Drupal WSODs issues: Recent questions: #417202: is it for using on live site or not?



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