This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


The Designer Starter Kit is ultimately to become one or more installation profiles, which a Designer that is new to Drupal can download and install, and right away start to do a design for this installation. The thing that is lacking from the profiles is styling. There is an empty theme inside, but the styling looks, say, like Stark.

The idea for this project originated at the Design Camp Prague 2010. We want to make it easy for a designer to get a kickstart. The installation profile (s) will be built for special use cases: Brochureware, Portfolio, Blogging, you name it. There is also some sample content, so the profile (s) really look and (basically) work like an installation profile for the respective use case.

We see there is quite some overlap with initiatives to create kick-ass install profiles that let Drupal shine out of the box. But we have to start somewhere. These profiles are not aimed at creating a usable profile, but to present some sample content and the real look, so a designer has something do design for.

We also plan on including a PSD file that mirrors the profile and has all the important elements in it (Comments, User image, Submitted information, read more link)

Call to action

Have a finished or half-finished installation profile that could fit our needs? Upload it as an attachment to the issue queue of this project and add a short description what it is for.

There is one (serious?) catch though: The profile has to be for Drupal 7. We decided to start for Drupal 7 only. By the time this initiative has a tangible result, we are pretty sure, Drupal 7 is at least solidly into RC. Even now there are enough contributed modules ported to build a simple install profile that fits the needs of this project.

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