This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

DruTeX is a powerful LaTeX module for Drupal. It can be used to display mathematics written in LaTeX as images inline with other text, or separately as a downloadable pdf.

Features include:

  • rendering of maths or arbitrary LaTeX via latex + ImageMagic / dvipng
  • support of classical LaTeX-math environments like $x^2$, \[ x^2 \]
  • some plain latex2html and html2latex facilities (no external program needed)
  • pdf generation of nodes (with LaTeX)
  • highly-configurable input formats
  • security-enhanced modes (to allow even anonymous users to write latex)
  • Drupal / LaTeX UTF-8 (utf8) support
  • Able to remotely render LaTeX on a foreign server if your primary server doesn't support LaTeX

Features in development (partly done):

  • latex math 2 MathML via some external application, e.g. blahtex
  • support to render gnuplot, eukleides, chemestry and so on
  • using mimetex instead of latex to render images

Interested in DruTeX? Please show your interest by subscribing to the DruTeX working group.

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