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Part of an ubercart install

This module is getting obsolete.

At least for Drupal 7 the only command useful is replaced by

This is a extension to Drupal Shell aka drush

The Drush Module Manager (MM) compliments the Drush Project Manager (PM) by allowing users to enable or disable installed modules using the command line. This differs from the Drush PM, which is used for installing them in the first place. As a developer I wanted a command-line interface that went beyond installation. I wanted to add features to enable/disable/uninstall modules using only the command line.

In developing this extension to drush I want to draw attention to the flaws inherent to current drupal module dependency management. This is a 'proof of concept' of another way. There are discussions even about versions dependency management. So this module is not a solution for problems around dependency management.

With this drush extension you can do

drush pm install ubercart
drush mm enable uc_cart
drush mm dot | dot -Tpng -omodule.png

instead of checking a lot of modules and resubmit the modules page over and over again.


drush mm enable
enabled the given modules and needed modules
drush mm disable
disabled the given modules and modules dependent on the given
drush mm list
lists all modules
drush mm dot
generates a 'dot' structure for processing with graphviz
drush mm uninstall
do not use unless you know what you are doinguninstalles the given modules and dependant on given modules too (which is a design flaw)

So is this module for you?
- If you use drush and needs to install drupal on a weekly basis as I do as a developer.
- If you wants to know what modules are enabled command-line based

You can read some documentation thanks to rsvelko.

For my point of view see or watch my command-line exercise at


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