This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


This project aims to let you create a drush make file using a UI. The primary goal is not having a UI only but rather saving all the data strucutred for later uses.

That means, that every make file is a node, every module is a part of a CCK field, which seperates the data of a module into 4 fields (server_key, short_name, api_revision, revision).

The UI yet provides you the autocompletition of modules and available apis. It also fetches the available releases which you can chose to use them in your make file.

No typos, search or whatever anymore. This data is fetched using the update_feed_api

You can also add custom make file options using the custom field which are then tailed to the make file. So you are free!

This module is build ontop of nodes and utilizes views to actually evaluate the make files. This module is a feature.

E.g. the shipped view (just a default view) makes it possible to search for the make files, search for make files which include specific modules or even modules of a specific version.

That is just the start, in the end this module gives you a new structured entity “Make file”. Build your own applications on top, utilizing the new gathered informations.

3-Step Quick-installation including a test drupal

The make file is included in the module or can be downloaded here. Just copy it to your docroot root.

1. Build the project
drush make drush_make_ui.make.noauto drush_make_ui
2. Install a drupal. Please refine the database access settings and probaly the domain (its installed for http://drush_make_ui.l by default)
drush si --site-name="drush_make_ui.l" --sites-subdir="drush_make_ui.l" --db-url="mysql://root:root@localhost:3306/drush_make_ui" --account-name="Admin" --account-pass="test" -y
3. enable the module - thats pretty much it
drush en drush_make_ui -y

You are now set to go to use drush_make_ui :)


  1. Install the module and its dependencies (feature, views..)
    1. You have to install the update_feed_api and the update_feed_cck field
    2. You also need the patche version of autocomplete_element
  2. Activate the feature
  3. You have to configure


  1. Configure the update_feed_api module (set the servers you want to fetch modules from). Check the installation guide there
    1. Fetch projects (you dont need to fetch the releases yet, this will be done automatically on demand)
  2. Create a new node “Drush make file”
    1. Add modules, set the API Version and a short description of the make file for your notes if need
  3. Click on “drush make files” and use the view to search through the make files
  4. Click on a make file to see what modules are included


Just a source of projects / releases. Its used to ask questions like "what projects are or that server and what releases do i have"

A cck field which has all fields to add packages based on the data fo update_feed_api. That field has an formatter to later be exported as entried os a make file. Generally you can add this cck field to every content_type

Adds a view which actually can generate a complete make file with all needed fields, included core, version and allo this. Deeply basedon the modules before, just adds:
- a content type where update_feed_cck is a cck field (drush make file )
- that content type has some additional meta fields like "extra"

Project information