This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Drupento aims to integrate the front-end of two of the most powerful open source systems available - Drupal and Magento.

Note: This project has essentially been abandoned. No further development has been done on the public branches. We maintain several sites that use variations of this module that have been tailored for the individual client. Abstracting all the functionality into a module that would support all environments and integration requirements was a challenge, one that was only partially met with the beta release of the module.


The goal of this project is to provide a lightweight static caching layer and single sign on (SSO) between the two systems. Drupento allows each system to operate independently, letting the developer or themer choose the points of integration.

Please refer to the README or the Handbook page for documentation for the time being. We are working on a more robust set of docs for this module, but this README should get developers up to speed quickly.

Drupento currently supports:
- Single Sign On (SSO) between Magento and Drupal (requires Drupento Magento Extension)
- Sharing of theme elements (menus, header, footer, etc) between Drupal and Magento
- Loading Drupal nodes directly into Magento pages

NOTE ON SSO: SSO via Drupento requires the Drupento Magento extension, which provides the necessary API. You will need to download a copy via Magento Connect: HERE. The Magento extension is only required for SSO via Drupento Auth.

Drupento User Migrate (beta)
- batch process for migrating existing users to Magento before enabling SSO

Drupento is developed and maintained by Context ( This project came out of necessity when a client specifically requested Drupal and Magento, and the layout required elements of both systems on many pages.

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