This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Drupal vB integrates vBulletin forums with Drupal. It allows

  • existing vBulletin users to log in to Drupal
  • new vBulletin users to log in to Drupal
  • existing Drupal users to log in to vBulletin (after initial export)
  • new Drupal users to log in to vBulletin
  • a single/shared sign-on when logging in via Drupal
  • updating user data in vBulletin upon update in Drupal
  • deleting users in vBulletin upon deletion in Drupal

Unlike vbDrupal (a fork of Drupal), Drupal vB turns Drupal's user-base into the primary user-base (while still allowing existing and new vBulletin users to logon with their user credentials in Drupal) and does not require patches to Drupal core.

Drupal vB currently ships with 3 blocks:

  • Recent threads/posts
  • Forum users/posts/pm statistics for the current user
  • Overall forum statistics (administrative)


  • None.


Project status: Seeking (co-)maintainers

I don't have much time for this module anymore, so I'd be more than happy to add a new (co-?)maintainer. There's a constant interest in the project/module.

But so far, the only thing that prevented me from doing it was the lack of interested contributors who - and this is important - not only shoot a single patch at it to solve their own use-case but think and work for the general purpose instead, who actually understand how to maintain a project (queue), and who abide by the common development rules that exist in the Drupal community.

These rules and best practices for co-maintaining projects are explained in detail - if you're interested, please make sure to read them.

They are highly relevant and apply in particular to this project, as it contains security related functionality (establishing and synchronizing user accounts and sessions between two otherwise independent systems), and such code always needs (at minimum) a second pair of eyes to make 100% sure that it works as intended and doesn't introduce a security vulnerability.

If this makes sense to you, I'd be happy to review some of your initial patches, and hopefully welcome you as maintainer soon! :)

Make sure to limit patches in scope though; the last attempt to introduce vB 4 support looked very promising but failed, because the contributed patch included a dozen of other unrelated changes and broke vB 3.x support at the same time... in short: above mentioned best practices exist for very good reasons.


Version 2.x of this module has been completely re-written.

Current maintainers:

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