This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This profile is out-dated and was only for Drupal 6. For Drupal 7, see

This profile installs a site with the structure, content, permissions, etc of to facilitate the reproduction of bugs and testing of patches for the project modules. See What theme and modules does use? for the complete list.

Getting started

  1. Install Git. [more info]
  2. Install Drush.
    cd ~
    git clone --branch 7.x-4.x
  3. Install Drush Make:
    mkdir ~/.drush
    cd ~/.drush/
    git clone --branch 6.x-2.x
  4. Enter the following to install the profile at a Drupal root of /var/www/mydrupalorg (this installs a copy of Drupal core and all necessary modules all at once):
    drush make --prepare-install --working-copy /var/www/mydrupalorg

    (Note: could take 3 minutes or more before any output appears)

  5. It's possible that apachesolr's SolrPhpClient library may have been put in the wrong location. If it's in /var/www/mydrupalorg/profiles/drupalorg_testing, move it to /var/www/mydrupalorg/profiles/drupalorg_testing/modules/apachesolr
  6. Navigate to http://localhost/mydrupalorg/ and start the installation, choosing the " testing profile" at the beginning.

Old stuff that almost certainly needs updating or eradicating

At this point (6/21/2007) the profile:

  • Enables the core, devel, and project modules.
  • Creates users, some random content nodes and taxonomy terms.
  • Generates some random forums and comments.
  • Sets up the d.o project taxonomy stuff (project types, module categories, etc).
  • Enable and configures all the project* modules.
  • Configures the d.o roles and permissions.
  • Generates a bunch of random users.
  • Generates a few targetted users for each of the main roles on d.o, with documented usernames and initial passwords. The devel.module Switch users block is enabled, and 2 users from each of the roles on have permission to switch, so you can easily switch between users from all of the roles.
  • Generates a skeleton set of project nodes (core, some of the common contribs, cross-section of different project types (modules, themes, translations, etc)).
  • Generates a bunch of random issues and followups.
  • Generates a bunch of releases based on tags in the repository.

Eventually (based on dww's request) the profile will:

  • Include a local Git repository, configured to be integrated with the installed site.

Project information