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Do you like SCSS? Do you find it hard to start with Bootstrap SASS?

This theme will help you get started with SCSS Bootstrap in minutes.

What is DrupalCoders Bootstrap SASS ?

Official Website Here

DrupalCoders Bootstrap SASS intends to improve bootstrap base theme:

1. Creating sub-theme using Drush
2. Adding compilers for SCSS .
3. Improving SCSS files.
4. Adding easy to read media queries.
5. Dropdown Menu for Mobile and Desktop

Try it out on Quick Start Distribution

Purpose of this theme is to easy add SASS sub-themes.

This theme is using Bootstrap as base theme.


This theme is using Bootstrap as base theme, you need to download and enable it before installing DrupalCoders theme.
Bootstrap Theme


1. Install and enable the theme:

drush dl drupalcoders_bootstrap
drush en drupalcoders_bootstrap

2. Create a sub-theme using drush dc command:
drush dc [theme-name]
Example:'drush dc mytheme'

4. Install node modules:

npm install 

5. Compile and Watch SCSS files:


If you created a subtheme from this theme you can safely update this theme to the latest version, however, if you use this base theme as the main theme check the changes before updating.


Media Queries are changed to:

$mobile:           "screen and (max-width: #{$screen-xs-max})";
$tablet:            "screen and (min-width: #{$screen-sm-min})";
$tablet-only:     "(min-width: #{$screen-sm-min}) and (max-width: #{$screen-sm-max})";
$normal:          "screen and (min-width: #{$screen-md-min})";
$normal-only:   "(min-width: #{$screen-md-min}) and (max-width: #{$screen-md-max})";
$large:             "screen and (min-width: #{$screen-lg-min})";

In SCSS you can use it like @media #{$tablet} { } to help you style faster.

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