The DrupalAPI Installation profile sets up a DrupalAPI reference site, automatically indexing all files and setting up the site for instant use.

This is particularly useful for developers who work offline or in areas with spotty connectivity, but still want access to API docs.

The DrupalAPI Installation profile was written and is maintained by Stuart Clark (deciphered) and Brian Gilbert (realityloop) of Realityloop Pty Ltd



  • Core projects:
    • Drupal 6.x
    • Drupal 7.x



Ensure your PHP memory_limit is set high enough, we've confimed that the following works:
memory_limit = 256M

Install as per a normal Drupal site, being sure to use the 'DrupalAPI' installation profile.


Updating API reference sources

  1. Navigate to the 'DrupalAPI' profile directory from command line and run the following command:



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