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Note: this model works for IPhone in conjunction with Drupal Notifier.

Module Drupal Notifier provides information on the status of installed and active modules for IPhone App Drupal Notifier.
With every request from IPhone App Drupal Notifier the website sends another request to service and provides information in xml format.
This programm reflects status by modules for your website. It tells you which modules need to be updated and what new versions are available.


1- Download and install the module "Drupal Notifier" for your Drupal website
2- Please check access permissions. An option "Get Drupal Notifier XML"- gives you a permission to recieve information on modules.
3- Optionally, you can choose which logotype will be seen on your website.
4- Download Drupal Notifier IPhone Application
5- Run the Drupal Notifier IPhone Application and add all your Drupal websites.

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Drupal Notifier IPhone Application's price - $1.99 (New version!)

If you are looking for update notifications on your desktop, check out the "Desktop Notifier" app for Mac by Gurpartap Singh

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