Drupal Ipsum tex generation form
Drupal Ipsum node form integration

Drupal Ipsum is a Drupal-flavoured lorem ipsum filler text generator!

Drupal Ipsum was featured in Episode #69 of the DrupalEasy Podcast!

Drupal 8

The Drupal 8 version has moved to a new project: Ipsum.


  • New! Modules can define custom vocabularies
  • Adds a small checkbox to node forms so you can easily fill any text field with Drupal Ipsum text
  • Integrates with Devel Generate in order to allow populating generated nodes, comments, users, taxonomy vocabularies, taxonomy terms, menus and menu links with Drupal Ipsum text
  • Drush integration!
  • Call drupal_ipsum_generate() to generate Drupal Ipsum filler text on demand

Drush integration

Generate Drupal Ipsum text from the command line:

# Generate 5 words using the Drupal Ipsum vocabulary, starting with anything
drush drupal-ipsum-generate drupal words 5 any

# Generate 1 paragraph using the Classic Lorem Ipsum vocabulary, starting with "Lorem Ipsum"
drush drupal-ipsum-generate classic paragraph 1 lorem

# See all available options
drush drupal-ipsum-generate --help

Custom vocabularies

As of version 7.x-2.0 modules can now define their own custom vocabularies:

function hook_drupal_ipsum_vocabularies() {
  return array(
    'foo' => array( // Your vocabulary's machine_name.
      'title' => 'Foo Example Vocabulary',
      'words' => array(


The maintainer provides consulting services and paid development, e.g. for implementing a specific feature. Help improving the module and get in contact!

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