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Oct 20th 2010 - The name of this module, could cause confusion to those using drupal core functions. Additionally there is currently a function name conflict with the ftp code used in the backup_migrate module. This is discussed here: #803964: function name conflicts with drupal_ftp

If you are planning to use ftp functions in your module, we recommend using either storage_api or media mover modules over drupal_ftp. We will continue to support the module where possible, so if you must use drupal_ftp, and have an issue or question, simply post to the issue queue. Thanks.

- alexkb

This is just an engine right now, and an FTP browser. Not sure where I'm going with this, but there wasn't anything giving an FTP interface in Drupal that I could find, so here's a start. Currently, it hard-codes the ftp u/p info, and defaults to, just to give you the point. After installing, go to /admin/settings/drupal_ftp, and possibly change access rules at /admin/user/access.

This is an extensive remodification of the my_ftp class (though no longer a class) at

Possible uses:

  • ftp browsing
  • automatic module/theme installation
  • inline file modification

I made a custom module using this as an API that will copy Image files (during upload) to an ftp server, so they may be served from off-server. But it's a fairly specific use, and doubtful there's much use for that sort of application. However, I'd be happy to contribute it if there's a need for it.

Direct any questions or suggestions to winborn (at) advomatic (dot) com

Aaron Winborn

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