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Drupal + Selenium = Drulenium
Pronunciation: dru-lee-nee-əm

Visual/CSS regression testing

The sub module drulenium_visual_regression helps in Automating Visual/CSS regression testing.

  • The system takes Image screenshots of web pages, before you make changes like site upgrades to your site.
  • The system takes another set of Image screenshots of web pages, after you make changes
  • The system calculates the difference of image pixels that changed and generates an animated GIF to look at

Sample GIF:
GIF result
More information at http://drulenium.org/
Screenshots taken by Drulenium.org are sponsored by Browser Stack
Video Demo: https://youtu.be/Q88uYdTCR1c

If you have any questions on using Drulenium, Chat with us at https://drulenium.slack.com/. Slack chat channel

Drush Installation steps for running tests locally:

Module installation :

  • drush en drulenium drulenium_local_selenium -y
  • Download blockly library for creating advanced tests drush vr-download-blockly
  • drush vr-download-webdriver

Install ImageMagick http://www.imagemagick.org/script/binary-releases.php :

Installing selenium locally using npm package https://www.npmjs.com/package/selenium-standalone :

  • Install nodejs if you haven't already https://nodejs.org/en/
  • npm install selenium-standalone@latest -g
    selenium-standalone install</li>
    selenium-standalone start

Module Configuration:

  • Configure at /drulenium/settings . Choose Local server for screenshot & Image server
  • Run visual tests at /drulenium/vr

Using Docker:

How drulenium_hosting_client submodule works without installing selenium locally?
  • The Configuration (like site domain & pages to test, user name, password & email...) are sent to Remote Drulenium server through XML-RPC
  • Remote server uses the Configuration to process the request, takes snapshots and generates Comparison reports which are fetched by local Drulenium module

More instructions at http://drulenium.org/installation

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