This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


This module provides functionality similar to sites such as Yahoo! Open Shortcuts, YubNub, Quix, or Queriac. DrubNub allows users to create search shortcut "commands" that perform search queries. Users enter commands along with search terms into the "DrubNub Command Line" form and are then redirected to a search results page, even results on third party sites.

For example, the built in g command performs a Google search. Entering g Drupal into the DrubNub command line will redirect the user to the Google search results for the term Drupal. Click on the thumbnail to view a brief (animated gif) demo of the module in action.

In addition to the built-in commands for searching Google or Yahoo, users can create custom commands to search just about any site. DrubNub is most useful when paired with desktop launcher utilities such as Quicksilver, Launchy, or Alfred. DrubNub also now supports the OpenSearch standard, so commands can be run from the search box in most browsers. Since DrubNub stores commands online, users can easily access their favorite search shortcuts from multiple computers.

The DrubNub module is functional, but still under development. Do not use this module on a production site. The command import functionality is especially experimental.

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