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Seeking co-maintainers.

This module themes the pager with a textfield input for direct random access to any page instead of clicking page links. It's especially useful when the number of pages are very large. Drupal's built-in pager only allows sequential access to page and it could take forever to scroll through very large number of pages. This pager is very compact and can be made tiny yet able to jump to any page by CSS styling the first/previous/next/last links with graphics like the example shown here.

This pager can be used in two ways:

  1. Through the module settings page, admin can replace the default built-in pager or Views' views_mini_pager with this pager.
  2. Developers can use the 'drpager' theme hook. Instead of calling:

    theme('pager', ....

    change to:

    theme('drpager', ...

Note: This pager relies on javascript so if your site must work even without javascript, then this should not be used. See README.txt for the reason and why it cannot gracefully degrade without Javascript.

Tips: try hitting the up/down arrows and page up/page down keys when the page text field is selected.

Attention: this module doesn't work when the devel theme developer module is enabled.


Using the 'drpager' theme hook
Override the 'pager' theme hook
Override the 'views_mini_pager' theme hook

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