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This module can replace first letter of user-specified paragraphs with an image of a letter or simply wrap the first letter in a span tag, capitalize the first x characters of a paragraph (breaking on word boundaries or optionally punctuation) or finally, it can be used to define the shapes of complex drop cap letters: medieval illuminations via multiple spacer spans. Examples at right. You can see more examples of illuminations powered by this module here. Note: no illuminations are provided, this module simply provides the toolkit to create illluminations.

Definition of Drop Cap
Definition of drop cap: In a written work, [a drop cap] is a letter at the beginning of a work, a chapter or a paragraph that is larger than the rest of the text.

Configuring Drop Caps
To use, designate jQuery selectors (ex, "#main_content p") whose first letter will be replaced with a drop cap. (can be found at /admin/appearance/dropcap)

Title casing, spacers for illuminations, and drop caps for arbitrary letters can be configured at /admin/appearance/dropcap.

Custom alphabets are also supported.

More information in the README.txt file and on the settings page.

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