Dropbox Drupal Client

This module allow Drupal users to interact with the Dropbox API and from there do a bunch of things from Drupal as they were in Dropbox Features:

  • Dropbox navigation (including breadcrumb).
  • File download.
  • Search for files/folders in Dropbox

Operation Mode:

Dropbox has two operation modes:

  • Site wide: Enable a global Dropbox Account for all Drupal users, useful to share files across multiple users
  • Individual Account: Allow each user to have it's own Dropbox account linked from within Drupal


  • Site wide mode: the administrator has to enable this mode and link a Dropbox account, using Dropbox Client Settings.
  • Individual account: module creates a block that will show each user a link to enable it's own Dropbox account.


  Enable blocks:     

  •     Dropbox Files (list of files of DropBox with navigation)
  •     Dropbox Upload (upload a file to current DropBox folder
  •     Dropbox Search (search a file starting in current DropBox Folder)

  Get list of files accessing page <drupal_root>/dropbox/files only for authenticated users.

List of files in block or page will change depends configuration for Individual account mode the dropbox account of current user will be render and in Site wide mode the same list of files will be presented to all authenticaded users.


  • Enable File Deletion
  • Enable File Filtering

This module is developed and maintained by:

Anexus IT

Supporting organizations: 

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