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Drigg is a powerful Drupal module that allows you to create Digg and Pligg-like web sites.

Drigg comes with two themes:

* Its default theme. It works, and it's a good starting point
* The theme "4plus", donated by 4plus and Mount Fuji guide. They also provided the great "4plus" voting form :-D

Unlike other Drupal-based solutions, Drigg only needs:

  • VotingAPI -- a powerful Voting API available for Drupal
  • A voting form based on the VotingAPI. The forms of choice are provided by Extra Voting Forms written by the same author
  • The User Karma module, written by the same author

To have an external voting button, refer to thanks to PGiro!

Drigg also needs MySql 4.1.X (NOT 4.0.X) to work.


NOTE 1 : If you want Drigg to support another video service, please read this first: .
NOTE 2: ANY CSS/theming question will need to be directed to the Drupal forums. The ONLY CSS/theming bugs we can allow are the ones that affect the default Drigg theme. This is because we need to spend time improving Drigg more than anything else.


  • Flexible voting. You can use any voting form you like, as long as it's based on VotingAPI. The voting form of choice, Extra Voting Forms, allow you to pick from 4 different voting forms: select box, select box with negative votes only, up/down, up only (ala Digg)
  • Easy, easy theming. The example theme provided is easy to customise, and uses all of the features available in Drigg.
  • STRONG separation between code and theme. Unlike other systems, Drigg separates the module's logic and the presentation very carefully, thanks to Drupal.
  • Good code, easy bug fixing. Feel free to browse through the source: it's neat, extremely well commented, and tidy. This means that finding bugs is easier.
  • Automatic votingYou can set a number of users as the "bosses", and other users as "slaves". The system will make sure that the "slaves" assign a random number of votes to the nodes voted by the "bosses". This will make it easier to startup your site without becoming schizophrenic :-D
  • Automatic role assignment. Thanks to the User Karma module, you can assign roles to people according to their karma amount, and (more importantly) to their karma ranking.

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