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From Ginger Ninja:

In a twist of events i’ve decided to release the template that I was going to use for this website. Dreamy was my first ‘real’ attempt at using Photoshop techniques in a layout, and I think it worked out pretty well. Photoshop addicts will be able to tell the stock brush that I used and probably the blur -> smudge cloud technique.

A popular template on both OWD and in the wordpress community. I decided to port it over to Drupal 5 theme. I tested it on both IE7 and FF2. I used jQuery to hide the taxonomy terms (and tags). The RSS feed button at the top right works if you have a right side block set visible. Left side blocks will not allow that button to show up.

I'm currently using this theme on my personal blog, until I develop and test another theme I port to Drupal.

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