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The drawing module converts arrays to graphics.

The Drawing API allows developers to specify and generate graphics using Drupal render arrays.

The Drawing API is an abstract graphics handling API, the current design is inspired by the SVG format. It was originally written as a 2007 Google Summer of Code project. The aim of this module is to provide a parser for a FAPI-like data architecture for graphics making the display of drawings easy to understand on the back-end, without requiring the knowledge of the actual front-end toolkit that it will be rendered into. It makes it easy to generate different graphs, plots, charts, maps and so on.

The Drawing project contains:

  • Drawing API - The API module that handles Drawing functionality.
  • SVG toolkit - Generates drawings using the SVG format.
  • GD toolkit - Generates PNG/GIF/JPG files and displays them inline (under construction).
  • Drawing graph - A module that helps generate canvases displaying charts and graphs.
  • Drawing demo - Provides pages that demonstrate the Drawing API functionality.

SVG and browser compatibility

Read the documentation about browser compatibilty with SVG images, and how to optimise your site for more browsers.

Ideas for application

  • Mapping applications.
  • Popular topics (tags) as rectangles, size reflects the popularity of tags. Collective size can be used to reflect the size of the vocabulary, with zooming this can actually be useful.
  • Statistics on page (for administrators a quick overview on current load, comment number (flame rate), query speed and so on).
  • Embedded graphs (sparklines).
  • Provide a glue layer for Charts module.

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