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This module provides a Drag & Drop Upload element and widgets for a File and an Image fields.


  • Drag & Drop upload widget for a File and an Image fields.
  • Drag & Drop multi-upload support.
  • Media module integration (1.x): details
  • Video module integration: details
  • Insert module integration: details
  • Focal Point module integration: details
  • Upload progress bar support.
  • Browse button can be enabled if needed.
  • Provides drag & drop upload element (dragndrop_upload).
  • Flexible JS part of the module, that allows developers to define custom validators and previewers for a dropzone.
  • Makes it possible to turn any element into a dropzone (see Examples submodule).


  • Install this module.
  • Submodules that provide widgets for a File or an Image fields will be enabled automatically. Multi-upload support will be enabled if Multiupload Filefield Widget module exists.
  • Create a File or an Image field and choose the widget 'Drag & Drop Upload' for it.
  • If needed you can configure the widget in the field edit form, see the screenshot for help.

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For developers

  • There is a "Drag & Drop Upload: examples" (dragndrop_upload_example) that contains examples of how to use dropzones and dragndrop_upload element.
  • Submodules that provide widgets for a File and an Image fields are the best examples of how to change the functionality.
  • DnD js class (dragndrop-upload.dnd.js) is a class that contains core functionality for Drag & Drop uploads. See the comments for the DnD class to get info about events that are triggered by DnD class. Using custom events is a great way to change the functionality.
  • You can even override default DnD, DnDUploadAbstract, DnDUpload, DnDUploadFile, DnDUploadImage classes to change the functionality.

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