Update on March 07, 2017: This module now has two new maintainers: Ayesh and Ben. The critical security issue (SA-CONTRIB-2017-023) is now fixed in the 7.x-2.1 version. If you are using any version older than 7.x-2.1 or any 7.x-1.x version, please upgrade immediately. Module will continue to receive bug fixes and new features in the future. You are welcome to collaborate!

DownloadFile is a module to direct download files or images.


  • Added four formatters
  • Usable in templates and views
  • Accessible formatters

Drupal 7


  • DownloadFile 7.x depends on the File core module.


  1. Copy the download_file folder to the modules folder in your installation.
  2. Enable the module using Administration -> Modules (/admin/modules).
  3. Configure user permissions in Administration -> People, click on the Permissions tab (admin/people/permissions), go to DownloadFile module part and "Access direct download file".
  4. Manage teaser and full node display settings at Administration -> Structure -> Content types -> "your type" -> manage display (admin/structure/types/manage/"your type"/display).
  5. Choose a formatter to apply to files or images in that field. Four new formatters "Direct download file" appear in the select list.
  6. Configure the format of the link accessible at Administration -> Configuration -> Media -> Download file (/admin/config/media/download-file).

Using with Views module

Similarly, you can use a formatter when displaying files or images attached to nodes using File or Image in a View through the Views UI.

  1. Manage display at Administration -> Structure -> Views (/admin/structure/views) and add a new view by clicking the "Add new view" link (/admin/structure/views/add) or edit an existing view by clicking the "Edit" link (/admin/structure/views/edit/"your view").
  2. Click on a file field or image field.
  3. Choose a formatter in select list "Format" to apply at this field. Four new formatters "Direct download file" appear.
  4. Click on "Save" button and see the display in the preview.


Current maintainers: Ayesh Karunaratne, Ben Mullins
Former maintainer: Neeraj Kumar (neerajskydiver).
The author was Matthieu MORATILLE (xMATTx).

Project Information