Domain Menu Access is an extension to Domain module, allowing administrators to configure visitors' access to selected menu items based on current domain they are viewing.

It lets administrators decide whether a specific menu item should be hidden on selected domains (regardless of it being enabled by default using standard Drupal functionality), or should it be displayed on selected domains even if disabled by default.


Access to all menu items is managed on standard admin "Edit menu item" pages in Admin / Site building / Menus, separately for each menu item, using domain checkboxes in "Manage item visibility per domain" fieldset.

Use "Show menu item" checkboxes to force displaying items which by default are disabled by Enabled checkbox in Menu settings section.

Use "Hide menu item" checkboxes to force hiding items which by default are enabled.

Note that these settings will be ignored in administration area, which means that all menu items will be enabled or disabled based on default Drupal settings only, as otherwise default state of a menu item could be changed by accident.


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