This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

dog requires PHP 5.3.4.

dog is a Drush extension that puts Drupal On Git. This project's concept will allow:

  • Git-based updates for Drupal core and contrib.
  • The ability to patch (or tweak) core and contrib without the complexity of vendor-branches.
  • Portability for local development or Git-based deployment.
  • Unrestrained custom development: feature branches, tags, multiple repos.
  • Safe patterns that minimize conflicts and provide a clear resolution process.

For further information about dog, or to participate and discuss the concept, read the introductory post.

This code is in very early prototype stages. Feel free to test, poke and discuss, but remember that IT DOES NOT YET WORK RELIABLY.

I no longer have time to work on dog, unfortunately. If someone wants to pick up the mantle, ping me.

Sit Drupal, sit.

Good dog.

Project information

  • caution Seeking new maintainer
    The current maintainers are looking for new people to take ownership.
  • caution No further development
    No longer developed by its maintainers.
  • shield alertThis project is not covered by the security advisory policy.
    Use at your own risk! It may have publicly disclosed vulnerabilities.