A Document Management System for Drupal.


  • Complete integration with Drupal node system. This module adds a custom Node Type, Document. Each Document you create is a Drupal node, and hence enjoys all features available to a node.
  • Support for Document revisions/versioning - This module allows you to maintain multiple versions/revisions of the same document.
  • Views 2 Integration - The custom fields added by the module to the Document node type are accessible in Views, plus the module provides some useful out-of-the box Views.
  • Theming support
  • Searching - The documents being nodes are fully indexable by the Drupal search system. In addition, the module provides its own custom search for Documents.
  • A couple of blocks are available for document search that can be placed flexibly in your theme layout.

New features would incrementally be added to provide a more comprehensive DMS like system.

Please note that this module requires PHP 5 on the web-server.

Please help test the Drupal 7 branch of this module.

Drupal 7 port of this module has been sponsored by Imbibe Technologies.

You can contact me through my personal website for paid customizations of this module: http://www.rahulsingla.com.

Project Information