This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The goal of this project is to create a plugin based import module for Drupal that allows the upload of office suite file formats which would be parsed into Drupal nodes. Allowing even novice CMS users to generate content using a familiar office productivity suite.

Features to Implement:
-The Router module
-Create a set of hooks other modules implement to parse the various data types
-Allow the parsers to specify mime types that they are interested in and keep an internal registry of those types
-Handle files put to the server routing the data appropriately.
-Create the appropriate node(s) for the uploaded data
-Map any metadata to the correct node fields
-The Parser Modules
-Microsoft Office
-Parse the .doc file type provided by various versions of Word.
-Parse the .xls file type provided by various versions of Excel.
-Open Document Support
-Support the various file types under Open Document
-Implement parsers for ODT, ODS, and possibly ODP

Styles to Support:
These should be the minimum styles supported by any parser
-Lists with the appropriate formatting / styles, (ul, ol, dl)
-Bold text (strong, b)
-Italicized text (em, i)
-Underlined text (u)
-Paragraphs and breaks
-Basic symbols, certain symbols should be supported (and encoded) by default (&, copyright, tm, etc)

Project information