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This project handles discographies in Drupal. Users can enter release and track information as Drupal content types.

In addition to creating this content type, this module also can import discography data from

Discogs 6.x merely provided a single content type, and the ability to import from only. The 7.x version, however, is a Discography Framework. In addition to the features from 6.x, its modular design allows other developers to write modules for other third party API's, or for their own content types.

This project is intended to be used by artists or labels who are using Drupal as their CMS. Other uses include radio stations, fansites, or listing your album collection online. (Please be aware of potential copyright issues.)

Discogs 7.x

The 7.x version provides a Discography framework. It is designed to serve two purposes:

  1. To provide Drupal content types for storing discography information.
  2. To provide a modular framework for importing discography information from third-party API's (including, but not limited to, the API).

There are a number of modules included in this project:

  • Track Field: A custom Field representing a music track, which can be attached to any content type.
  • Release Node: Provides a Release content type for the Discography package.
  • Track Node: Provides a Track content type for the Discography package. Note that Track information is completely independent of Release information.
  • Discography Mediator: Acts as a mediator between the Adapter, the Release Provider, and the user.
  • Adapter: The Discography Provider Adapter for the API.
  • Release Adapter: The Discography Entity Adapter for the Release content type.

To see how this all fits together, read the section of the handbook entitled Framework Organization.

Related Modules

These modules provide extra functionality for the 7.x Discography Framework.

  • Pushtape Discography Adapter
    This module is for people who use Pushtape Music, but want to have the import features of the Discogs project. The module is a Discography Entity Adapter for the Pushtape Discography module. It acts as a bridge between the Discogs 7.x framework, and the Pushtape Music distribution.

Discogs 6.x

The 6.x version creates a single content type called "Discography." That content type has fields for artist, label, catalog number, format, country, date, and album credits. In addition, it can contain multiple tracks (which reside in their own database table in a many-to-one relationship). Tracks have fields for position, title, artist, duration, notes, and lyrics.

However, most people use the 6.x version to import discography data from You can search for artist, album, or label data, returning a checklist of albums, which can then be imported into Drupal as discography content.

The Future of 6.x

Now that the 6.x version has reached 6.x-1.0, Discogs 6.x is in support mode. Only bug fixes will be patched; no new features will be added. Ongoing development will focus entirely on the 7.x version.


Documentation for both the 6.x and 7.x versions is now up on

Visit the Discogs Documentation Handbook here.

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