Disable breadcrumbs on a per node, per content type, or by path (any path) basis; Omitting the need to write additional code in the theme layer (template.php file etc..) to determine the visibilty of breadcrumbs on specific pages. This can be administered on node edit forms and from the content administration page (node operations) to select/unselect multiple nodes for enabled types.

Features currently only on D7 branch:

  • 2 permissions (instead of one): administer settings (to grant site administrators, this means they can check nodes etc... too), and disable per node breadcrumb (permission can only edit on nodes or content admin page the enabled content types from configured settings).
  • Disable breadcrumbs by path; much like the functionality for block visibility. This can accept wildcards e.g. article/*. So they could mirror the functionality for a content type but is more useful when used just for certain areas of a site where content types may not differ but the path does.


  • Enable module at admin/modules
  • Go to settings page at admin/appearance/disable_breadcrumbs or from configure link on modules page
  • Configure either/all:
    • Content types: Nodes types breadcrumbs can be disabled on a per node basis. Administer from node edit form on each node or from content administration page (as bulk operation). You can also choose to disable breadcrumbs for all node of a particular type
    • Path: Enter any paths to disable breadcrumbs for e.g. node/123 or blog/* - works much the same as the path block visibility settings. This works for ANY path, not just nodes.
    • All: disable all breadrumbs

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