This module adds an option to nodes and comments to provide an integrated dice roller. The dice roller options are based on the standards set at for dice rolling. (OpenRPG is under GNU GPL.)

Once the roll is made, there is no option for the user to go back to remove the roll from the post nor any option to modify the roll. This is to prevent tampering with results, negating the risk of cheating.

Extending this module

This module allows for developers to extend the command set available to users. This allows developers to create additional dice roll types to reflect the needs of their own systems. Documentation, and an example for how to go about writing a module to extend the existing module set may be found in dice_roller_basic.module.

If anyone is making use of the API to extend commands for the dice roller, please let me know! I'd love to link to your module/site and see it in action.

Dice Roller is in use on these sites, happy gaming!

Project Information