DEEelectic is a nufelty muduole-a zeet cunferts ingleesh text intu a feriety ouff silly furmets: l33t 'hecker speek', Pig Letin, Purete-a telk, Rut13, und su oun. In iddeetiun tu un inpuot feelter, it ixpuses a pege-a zeet lets users cunfert lerge-a blucks ouff text oun demuond. Bork Bork Bork!

(Dialectic is a novelty module that converts english text into a variety of silly formats: l33t 'hacker speak', Pig Latin, Pirate talk, Rot13, and so on. In addition to an input filter, it exposes a page that lets users convert large blocks of text on demand.)

Is this useful? I suppose it depends on the kind of site you're building...

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  • Last modified: 1 December 2014
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