This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This project is set to solve the issues we have on the slowness to create new dev environments on
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Note: this is not a module. It's a set of docker containers for internal d.o. infrastructure usage
his repo contains the devdrupal databases


1 - Preparation
Add the respective ${DBNAME}
to every db_* folder.

On each db_* directory the Dockerfile has 2 lines
that can be updated with the DBNAME and the DBPASS.

2 - Build

To build all the containers, run:


3 - Run
To run a db container you can add to jenkins.

docker run -p ${HOSTPORT}:3306 devwww/db_${DBNAME}
Port 3306 can be mapped to other HOSTPORT on the host.

Docker installation docs:

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