This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The Design project provides a home for designers and themers working with Drupal.


  • Provide actual tools to aid in Drupal theming (but without duplicating other projects).
  • Discuss ideas and agree on best practices on design/theming (with lots of bikeshed and bullshit), possibly turning into guidelines over time.
  • Raise concrete design and theming problems (bugs) in Drupal, and how to solve them.
  • Form a concensus to standardize on certain theme engines, base themes, etc.
  • Compare and conclude on theming approaches, (third-party) software tools, such as image compression, collaboration, etc.
  • Prepare for modern or upcoming design, theming, and usability problem spaces, such as HTML5, and figure out how to handle them in Drupal.

Overall, a place to share your findings with others. Instead of scratching your own itch, contribute to solve problem spaces that are common for all designers and themers, so everyone can design and deliver better Drupal sites.


(to be enhanced over time)

  • Design Test: A module that allows to test your theme against all kind of elements and markup that is output by Drupal.

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