This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module provides a Services client which communicates with Deployment endpoints.

It is intended for developers using Deployment and Services to push content between sites who would like to easily perform other operations on the content which the Deployment module does not directly support.

As an example, suppose you have pushed content to a site and would later like to delete it from that site. Services supports deleting content (even though Deployment doesn't), and you could theoretically write custom code to contact the site and delete it, but in doing so you'll find yourself writing a lot of complex code to duplicate some of the basic mechanics that you already have wrapped up in your Deployment configuration (for example, finding the correct URL on the target site to contact and figuring out how to authenticate with the target site).

With this module, you can simply load up the Deployment endpoint and call a single API function; the mechanics will be taken care of behind the scenes, and your content on the target site will be deleted.


The module currently provides a class which simplifies the process of performing arbitrary Services requests on a Deployment endpoint.

It also provides even simpler procedural wrappers for a few common tasks (deleting content on an endpoint, unpublishing content on an endpoint, or deleting/unpublishing content on all endpoints associated with a particular Deployment plan).

See the README.txt file for additional details.


The module currently makes a couple of hardcoded assumptions about the Deployment endpoint:

  • It assumes a REST-based JSON communication method.
  • It assumes a session-based authentication method.

Also note that this is an API module only; there is no user interface, and therefore no reason to install this module unless you are using it in code you are writing or another module's installation instructions tell you to install it.


This project was sponsored by Advomatic.

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