Drush scripts for creating Drupal sites from a shell. Tested with Debian and Ubuntu.

What it does: It gives you easy control over Drupal sites under apache2 and Debian based systems like Ubuntu. It works with Drupal-5.x, Drupal-6.x, and Drupal-7.x (it may miss some features in different versions) It works with mysql and postgresql.

You should cd into your drush command dir, and clone the master. For a stable release you can use the command drush dl and move the downloaded dir into your command dir.


For quick install of a Drupal system use e.g.:

drush densitein yoursitename.com

(you will need to reply to questions about database user, password, host).

Or for some more help:

drush densite -h (sub site install)
drush densitein -h (naked install without an existing drupal system)
drush densitesa -h (standalone site - installs in current folder)

For more documentation and usage examples see: http://www.os-cms.net/drush_shell_scripts_for_creating_drupal_sites

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