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Screenshot of dialog for automatic pruning parameters.

This is a utility module for deleting "orphaned" taxonomy terms. By default, terms with zero nodes associated with them are considered orphans, though administrators can specify the number of nodes associated with a term in order for it to be considered an orphan.

WARNING: This module is in development and should be used with caution. Be sure to back up your database before using this module.

NEWS There now is an experimental release for D7. Use with caution!

Version 2.x comprises the following enhancements:

  • automatic pruning (cron) with whitelist/blacklist (see picture)
  • simulation of what would be removed (manually or by the automatic job)
  • failsafe parameter for automatic mode for all and/or any nodes
  • option to only prune tag based vocabularies (this is usually where the biggest mess is)
  • option to remove empty vocabularies (dependent on whitelist/blacklist)
  • works with i18n (prunes all languages)
  • manually prune all vocabularies with 2 clicks
  • logs to watchdog() if something gets removed (info) or failsafe is triggered (error) (consider using email logging (

Please also see README.txt.


The initial version of this module was inspired by a discussion on the Drupal Dojo group and borrows from code posted by sapark and lesmana.

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