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Delegate Menu Admin - Screen shot


Allows you to allow select user roles to administer individual menus or menu items.

Quick Start:

  1. Enable the module
  2. Go to 'admin/user/permissions' and give the 'administer some menus' permission to any role that you want to give administrative access to all or part of a menu.
  3. Go to 'admin/build/menus' (with the super user or another user with 'administer menu' permissions) and check which roles you would like to administer which menus.
  4. If you don't want to give complete admin access to a whole menu, click on one of the menu links and give admin perms to only the sub-trees or sub-items of your choice.

If you gave a role an entire menu to administer, they'll be able to visit the 'admin/build/menus' page themselves and see all (and only) the menus they have access to.

If you gave a role only partial access to a sub-tree or sub-item, they'll be able to select that item from the Menu drop-down from the node form when adding/editing a node , or when editing that menu item itself or one of it's sub-items.

Unfortunately, there is no dedicated administration pages yet for users that only have partial admin access to a menu, so they'll be able to administer those menus only via the node form, or by knowing the url to edit a menu item and select it's parent from there.

Development Road Map/Ideas

  • Create overview pages (identical in format to admin/build/menu-customize/%menu) for the menu sub-trees and sub-items that users have admin access to in the case that they don't have complete admin rights over the parent menu. These pages would be the same as the standard pages offered by the menu module but would restrict the listed items and operations to reflect the specific rights and restrictions that the user has. Currently a user that is an admin of some menu items but no menus has no place to see what all of the items they have access to are. They are also unable to reorder those sub-trees without admin access to the parent menu.
  • Create more specific permissions besides 'admin'
    For menus/menu items: Edit, delete, add to/enable sub-items, remove from/disable sub-items, reorder sub-items, delegate admin perms for this item & its sub items (so users that have admin rights to a portion of a menu can give admin rights to other users for that menu).

Related Modules

Modules by some other Drupal contributors in the vein of delegating administrative access:

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