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This module allows you to set default filter formats per node type per role, preventing users from having to tick a checkbox every time they add a new node. This is useful for sites that set the global default to a less rich format to prevent anonymous users from using (for example) full HTML.

To add a new default, select a role, an existing filter format, and a node type from the controls. You may also wish to specify a weight in order to give some formats preference over others. For example, a user might belong to two roles that you have specified different defaults for. In this case, you would give a lighter weight to the more privileged role, so that its default is returned for that user, while other users who belong only to the less-privileged role would get the heavier default filter.

This module honors filter format privileges. That is, if a given role has not been given permission to use a format in the filter administration section, this module does not override that permission. At present, this happens behind the scenes, and the user interface section does not enforce the prohibition yet. So be sure you have allowed a role to use a given filter prior to adding defaults here.

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