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Decisions is a replacement for poll.module and provides advanced voting systems and decision-making tools. It aims to enable groups to take decisions online in a manner that replicates and augments what is possible in face-to-face meeting.

  • Variable voting algorithms: Basic polls, Approval Voting, Borda Count, Condorcet (new!), and Instant-Runoff Voting. It's easy to add more algorithms through a well defined API.
  • Vote management: view each user's vote, delete all votes, or restrict the poll to a list of users.
  • Time management: schedule when to open or close the poll, and choose when to show results.
  • Quorum: requiring X number or percentage of voters for a decision to be valid.
  • Electoral lists: allows you to restrict the voting to a role and disallow "packing the vote" (new users do not get to vote if they register after the beginning of the vote period).
  • i18n: translated into 2 languages in addition to english (french and german) other contributions welcome!

Decisions depends on VotingAPI.


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Other contributors are welcomed, please contact me if you have contributed significantly in the issue queue and want commit access.

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