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Debut features

Debut is a set of baseline Drupal features designed to work independently yet integrate seamlessly together. Debut is used in the Open Outreach Drupal distribution aimed at nonprofits.

Installing Debut features

You have two options for installing Debut features or apps:

  • Debut features are used in the Open Outreach Drupal distribution aimed at nonprofits, so you can install them as part of Open Outreach.
  • Install manually along with the dependencies listed on each Debut feature's project page.

Available Debut features

  • Debut Article: An article content type including media and block display.
  • Debut Bio: A user bio profile that can be displayed alongside e.g. blog posts showing the author's real name and bio.
  • Debut Blog: A Blog content type and recent blog post block display.
  • Debut Comment: Commonly needed functionality for commenting including comment notification, CAPTCHAs, and login enhancements.
  • Debut Event: An Event content type and calendar displays.
  • Debut Forum: Forum functionality integrating Drupal core Forum module and Advanced Forum.
  • Debut Highlighted: Highlight selected site content with slideshow.
  • Debut Link: A link content type and associated displays for presenting links to other sites.
  • Debut Location: A location content type and map display, including taxonomy-based icons.
  • Debut Media: media handling and display using the Media module.
  • Debut Member: basic membership handling framework including member roles and member only content type.
  • Debut RedHen: Manage contacts and organizations with the RedHen CRM.
  • Debut Section: Nested landing pages for the main sections of a site (using Book module).
  • Debut SEO: search engine optimizations including metatags.
  • Debut Social: A social media app integrating some of the most commonly needed social media functionality.
  • Debut WYSIWYG: Input formats and accompanying editors, along with input formats per role.


See also the list of candidate Debut apps.


  • Gallery: Integration of Media Gallery.
  • Content administration: enhanced replacement for the default Drupal content administration page (using Views bulk operations) and related enhancements.
  • Feeds: a feed content type and initial Feeds module setup.

Developers information

Building on the Kit feature specification, Debut apps are based on the following precepts:

  • Debut features and apps should provide the basic functionality that most sites or distributions will need.
  • Any advanced or specialized functionality should be provided in separate apps that require more basic apps.
  • Ease of discovery and use for both admins and end users should be an overriding goal.
  • Every main task should have only one primary admin interface.
  • Common protocols and solutions should be used to ensure consistency and ease of use.

See the Debut handbook section for details on how to build and use Debut features and apps.

See the Debut Features Specification and handbook documentation for details about how to construct a Debut feature/app.

If you want to build new features/apps off of Debut and need to change a component that a Debut feature provides and your change isn't generally applicable enough to warrant a contributed patch, see the Features Override module, which allows exporting overrides to code and including them in new features.

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