This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module allows you go to the edit page by double clicking on any internal link to an item.

Users with the proper permissions can double-click on:

  • node links to go to the node's edit page
  • user links to go to the user's edit page
  • comment links to go to the comment's edit page

This module also creates hook_dblclick() which allows other modules to provide double-click, shift-double-click, and alt-double-click behaviors. See the module code for documentation and examples.

This module requires the JQuery Javascript library which is part of Drupal 5.

This project is abandoned and unsupported. If you would like to take over maintainership, please contact Jeff Robbins.

Project information

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    The current maintainers are looking for new people to take ownership.
  • Module categories: Administration, Content, Utility
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