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DBFM is a file manager based on a hierarchical directory structure and uses AJAX to allow administrators to arrange files in the database in the same way they do with file managers on their personal systems.

DBFM stores its files in a database as opposed to the filesystem. This enables advanced manipulation of the uploaded information. Keywords, notes and other meta-data can be added to uploaded documents, document revision management is now possible. Future revisions of DBFM will include extensive searching of this meta-data.

This allows site administrators, or even site users to arrange massive collections of documentation and images on their sites.

DBFM can also be used in conjunction with the Organics Groups module to provide access control to files and directories.

Additionally, DBFM has been prepared for Multi-site replication - allowing site administrators to run multiple drupal sites containing the same documentation.

A plugin is also included for the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor, enabling you to embed/attach images on your pages and resize them to suit your requirements.


  • Application-like look and feel via AJAX
  • Drag and drop move of files and directories
  • Attachment of files to nodes
  • Embedding of images in the virtual filesystem to nodes
  • Single file upload
  • Image preview pane
  • File delete/rename/view/download-file/attach/embed/acls
  • Access control based on Roles and optional Organic Groups
  • File revision management
  • Multi-Site Replication Management (NOT SUPPORTED AFTER VERSION 5.x.6.x)
  • Simple File-Searching
  • Advanced file search (requires DBFM Search v5.x.1.0) indexes file contents into drupal's own search engine.
  • Attachment of files to nodes with drag & drop re-ordering
  • File subscriptions - be notified when your files change!
  • 5.x.7.0: Directory Locking - permissions on a directory can be locked to prevent their owners from changing them.
  • 5.x.7.0: Home Directories - groups of users can be given home directories via the admin screens.


Drupal 5

Development has wrapped-up for this port whilst we focus on Drupal 6.

Support for multi-site replication was removed in release 5.x7.0

Drupal 6

  • Current changes to the drupal 6 port include:
    • Support for DBFM replication will be dropped
    • TinyMCE no longer supported, in favour of CHANGEME
    • We aim to drop the requirement for DBFM GreyBox & DAPI
    • Major changes to Organic Groups functionality (due to OG module changes)

Notes & Acknowledgements

This module is based on WebFM and was initially sponsored by eServGlobal

DBFM uses the Silk icon set from


For more information on this release, please view the DBFM website

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