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Create a sequence of nodes from Date Repeat. Then edit, remove, and update nodes in that sequence individually or for the sequence as a whole. All within the scope of the Date Repeat API.

Date Repeat allows you to create a node with a repeating datetime field, but it doesn't allow you to create each of those repeats as its own node in a sequence. Date Repeat Sequence fills this gap. It allows you to add a sequencing ability to any date repeat field.

Unlike some other Date repeat modules that generate Nodes,this module works within the existing date repeat logic not requiring any extra steps.

Simply add a date repeat enabled field on any node type, setup the sequencing settings on the widget settings page and you are ready to go. All nodes in the sequence will have the options of saving changes for just that node, all future nodes, or all nodes in the sequence.


The module is now in RC3 so please test and see what bugs there are. I need some extra eyes to make sure things are working as expected.

Sponsored and developed by Causecast

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